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Fantastic. Todd is professional and caring. I felt a high trust level as he explained everything thoroughly. I will highly recommend him. My surgery was rotator cuff and I am in sodivd recovery. Thank you Lord for Todd’s gift to heal.
By - Phillip J
Dr. Moen replaced the ball and socket in my left shoulder on September 30, 2016 due to severe osteoarthritis. I am completely satisfied with the results of my surgery and an now virtually pain free. After six weeks, I was released to drive and have over 50% range of motion in my arm in all directions. I am improving daily and would highly recommend Dr. Moen to anyone considering any type of shoulder surgery because in my opinion he is the best based on my personal experience.
By - Marty S
As a former football player, my body required multiple surgeries over the years. Dr Moen did a superb job with a full rotator cuff repair on one shoulder & repairs to my other shoulder, bicep tendon and knee. After each surgery, I had a 100% recovery! He is not only a brilliant doctor, but he is also responsive, caring, follows up & takes time to explain everything he does. He is the whole package & what anyone would want in an orthopedic surgeon. I highly recommend Dr Moen. He is AWESOME!!!
By - Gunnar S
Tore four tendons in my right shoulder in a biking accident. My right arm’s function was at maybe 25%. Dr. Moen spent detailed time with me in explaining the surgical process as well as the necessary detailed follow-up care. Because I trusted Dr. Moen with this surgery, my right arm and shoulder are at 100%. I am 57 years old and can throw the football, frisbee, etc. better than I could 20 years ago. Could not have been more impressed with his professionadivsm and personal care in every phase.
By - Mike M
Dr Moen did a superb job on my rotator cuff. He walked me through the entire procedure ahead of time. His follow up was incredible, he really cares for his patients. My shoulder is better than new! I strongly recommend Dr Moen!
By - David H
Dr. Moen fixed my shoulder! I had been to several doctors and had one previous surgery by another doctor, and no one could tell me what was wrong or how to fix it. Dr. Moen knew right away what the problem was, and performed surgery on the shoulder to fix it. The shoulder is now good as new! Dr. Moen explained the problem and surgery to me in detail, took the time to make sure I understood everything, and his office staff was fantastic! I would highly recommend Dr. Moen!
By - Joe C.
Dr Moen performed rotator cuff surgery on my shoulder. I had opinions by other Doctors but they were not detailed or patient as Dr. Moen. He told me about issues with my shoulder the others didnt. The operation went very good and I am recovering from an operation that is difficult for any patient. My pain has been managed extremely well. I would do it all over again either the same decision. Dr Moen, his assistant and young Dr learning with him are simply the best. I highly recommend.
By - Ronbo